Precious stones & diamonds

Diamond stones

Your guide to lithotherapy with diamond stones

The diamonds come from a kingdom of India called Mutfily. After the rainy season, the water from the mountains carries them away into deep valleys. In these humid and warm places, poisonous snakes swarm and their terrible presence protects this…

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What are the different types of gems?

Gems are also known as ornamental stones or precious stones. You may encounter fine, organic and precious stones. For more convincing results, it is possible to use synthetic stones. The processing of natural stones can offer minerals with inclusions. Obviously,…

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How are the gemstones extracted?

The extraction of gemstones is part of man’s exploitation activities. It can be carried out either by craftsmen or industrially. In both cases, the extraction processes are almost similar. Indeed, precious stones are mostly found in stone deposits and minefields….

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How much is a diamond?

World diamond mining can reach 150 million carats each year. But since the year 2014, supply no longer meets consumer demand. So we created the so-called synthetic diamond, these diamonds are produced from what is called diamond culture. The price…

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