World diamond mining can reach 150 million carats each year. But since the year 2014, supply no longer meets consumer demand. So we created the so-called synthetic diamond, these diamonds are produced from what is called diamond culture. The price of synthetic diamonds manufactured by powerful companies has been rising steadily for the last 5 years. Within 10 years, the production of synthetic diamonds will triple. This is an environmentally friendly solution that will meet people's demand and meet the needs of the population.

Price differences

Miners' diamonds are identical to cultured diamonds, they are both genuine. The miner's diamond has existed for millions of years, it is sold at about $11,000 per carat. It is important to point out that it is not produced forever. There is a depletion in the mines and a reduction in investment in mining exploration. We have seen the beginning of the decline in the depletion of the traditional diamond, and the solution is synthetic diamond. The manufacturing process takes about 3 weeks. The price of a synthetic diamond is much lower than a miner's diamond, diamonds that are classified as eternal. The price of synthetic diamonds ranges from $800 to $9000 per carat. The price of a diamond or a precious stone or metal varies according to its scarcity and brilliance.

Diamond symbols

The occasions to offer a diamond are: an engagement ring or a wedding ring. The French love this type of gemstone because it is considered one of the most expensive stones on the market. The diamond symbolizes love, because offering such a stone means how much the person means to you. It is a very luxurious stone and very appreciated by women, very rare stones. The synthetic diamond is just as beautiful as the traditional diamond. We are witnessing a great revolution, because the technology meets the demands of the population, but it is also a great responsibility on the environment, because it is a method for the preservation of the environment.

Diamond price evaluation

The price of a diamond, whether traditional or synthetic, varies according to its carat. It varies according to its weight, date, shape and size. It is also important to note its purity. For example, a 1.36 carat brilliant diamond with an E colour, VS2 clarity can cost $2,92440 and a 1.00 carat brilliant diamond with an E colour, VVS2 clarity can cost $1,900. The prices offered are not the actual diamond prices, the price of a diamond in a retailer's trade depends on the traders.