In terms of education, jewellers and goldsmiths are identical with a single diploma. Indeed, both activities work on all ornaments in order to embellish the appearance: rings, brooches, pendants and bracelets. Jewellers and goldsmiths also repair jewellery. Much of their time is spent repairing jewellery and watches and engraving them by hand. Typical repair work includes enlarging or reducing rings, resetting stones and replacing broken clasps and brackets. They use fine precision tools to cut, saw, file and polish jewellery. At this level, the two trades are similar. However, there are points of convergence that make them different. So what are the differences between goldsmithing and jewellery making? To answer this question, it seems wise to define the meaning of each.

What is goldsmithing?

Goldsmithing is the applied art of working metals into gold. A goldsmith is a person who forges things with precious metals such as gold, silver, electrum, platinum, alloys such as bronze and copper, as well as precious stones. Historically, goldsmiths have also made silverware, trays, cups, decorative and usable utensils, precious objects for ceremonial and religious purposes. Rising precious metal prices have limited the manufacture of these items to a large extent. Nowadays, he uses the metals only to create ornamental items such as clasps, chains or ring bodies. The trade very often includes jewellery skills.

What is jewellery?

Jewellery works by exploiting pieces made of metal, whether the metal is precious or not. These are usually ornamental items for personal decoration, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and cufflinks. For many centuries, metal, often combined with precious stones, was the normal material for jewellery. But modern jewelry has evolved from other materials such as shells, glass, plastic, animal teeth. Even other plant materials can be used.

The difference between goldsmith and jeweler

The main difference between jewellers and jewelers lies in the materials used in the design of a piece of jewellery. A goldsmith works exclusively with gold and rarer, more valuable gemstones. A jeweller, on the other hand, works with pieces made of metal, whether precious or ordinary. In addition, jewellers specialize in the manufacture of decorative objects for the body. The goldsmith's trade makes jewellery and gold jewellers and develops in decorative utensils and art objects.