Lithotherapy is an alternative or unconventional medicine that uses the power of stones to heal. It is based on the virtues of minerals to help you. According to the principle of this medicine, the stones emit vibrations which aim at improving your well-being.

How lithotherapy works

If we give a definition of lithotherapy, we can say that it is a medicine which consists in placing stones on the body in order to regenerate the organism and to allow it to regain its balance. Lithotherapy is a method that heals from the psychic and physical point of view. Thanks to this science, you can benefit from the revitalizing virtues of the stones even outside of lithotherapy sessions. You can wear the stones as a bracelet, a pendant or even put them in your pocket. Stones that are too powerful, such as ruby, cannot be worn on the arm or neck in children who are young people known to be overflowing with energy. According to lithotherapy, stones have different abilities. They can tone or calm. They bring balance. Just hold a stone in your hand and feel the vibrations it emits. Once a stone is acquired, it is recommended to purify and recharge it by placing it on a pile of quartz or by leaving it in the sun.

A medicine with many benefits

Lithotherapy is a medicine that allows you to overcome various difficulties such as anxiety and stress. In addition to this, you may experience exhaustion, insomnia, mental agitation, joint pain and low self-esteem. The ailments that are healed depend on the stones used. Amethyst is a stone that helps to counterbalance excesses. Carnelian helps a woman to reconcile with her femininity and rose quartz allows you to regain energy after a love break-up. As for lapis lazuli, it is a stone that gives you the possibility to remain objective. Emerald wipes away anger and optimizes the functioning of the immune system.

Lithotherapy, an effective medicine?

Lithotherapy is a science that seems to be effective, but nobody has proven it yet. Nobody is able to confirm the power of the energy which emanates from the stones. In short, lithotherapy is also defined as a pseudo-science. Some people think that lithotherapy is a placebo effect. So, if you want to enjoy good results from the actions of the stones, you must first believe in it. Still, lithotherapy cannot cure you. It is more used to accompany you in your improvement process. Note that lithotherapy is useful for children, pregnant women and even babies. It can also be effective in animals.